Colour Portrait Photography

Brightness/Contrast/Hue and Saturation

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The first image is a portrait of famous American singer Taylor Swift. She is standing in the studio shot image with her hands joint and arms straight. The clothes she is wearing also creates a contrast between dark colours and lighter colours, such as the black and white striped top she is wearing. The black colours also contrast with the white background colour and also her blonde hair. The bright red lipstick is the main colour within the image as it stands out more over everything else in the photograph.

The second image is a picture of a model which is taken from the side of her body. The colour yellow is the main colour within this image as it is the only colour she is wearing on her and in the background. Because she is wearing the same type of colour as the background, she almost blends in with it creating a camouflage affect. This image also shows contrast between her dark brown hair and her black mascara on her eyes with the light bright yellow colour in the image.

Composition/Framing (Horizontal, Vertical)

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The first image is a picture of a model standing up a window with her arms apart. She is wearing a bright dress which brightens up more when the natural light coming through the window shines on it. The camera is also positioned so that she is in the centre of the image, her arms also create the shape of a cross like how Jesus was put on the cross. I like the composition in this image because of the shapes the woman creates with her arms and the use of natural light coming through the window.

The second image is a woman wearing a head scarf around her face and only revealing her eyes. The colour orange also dominates the picture and frames her eyes so that they stand out in the centre. This image also has a good contrast in the eyes with black mascara and the white in the eyes.

 Angle of Shots/Vantage Point

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 09.34.00 5fd03e3de9709ef0c344b715c739c96d

The first image is a picture of a young boy looking up to the camera which is positioned above him at a vantage point. The main colour in his image is mainly blues from the colour of the shirt his wearing, the ground and his eyes. The picture also represents a child as every child looks up to people because they are only small as a child and older people usually over tower them.

The second image is a picture of a young girl lying on her back in the grass looking up at the camera which is placed above her head. The main colour within this image is greens because of the grass and the flowers in her hair which indicates the nature and the beauty of the young girl lying in the grass. The picture also shows a triangle shape of her body as when you first look at the image it leads the eye from the head to her legs.

 Subject Matter/Use of Props

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The first image is an image of a woman holding a heart shaped balloon which is her use of prop in the photograph. The main colour in the image is red as it’s the most noticeable. The light is also displayed from the right of the photograph creating a shadow on the left of the image, the light also creates different shades of red. The balloon she is holding is also a very important prop in the photograph as it is also in red as well as what she is wearing, the shape of the heart also makes it look girly.

The second image is also a picture of a women but holding a frame in front of her face. The main colour in the image is green from the background and the colour of her clothes, her clothes also camouflage into the bushes in the back making the frame and her face stand out more.

Background/Depth of Field

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The first image a girl leaning up a wall in a rough and damaged area. The background also looks very urban because of the graffiti on the wall which is most interesting in the image. However the girl almost looks out of place in the image as she looks like a very stylish young girl. When I first look at this image I first notice the colour of the girls hair because its very bright and bold over the background and the black clothes she is wearing.

The second image is very similar as it also has a full body shot of a girl but standing in a different environment. The background as we can see is what looks like a forest and leafs on the floor meaning this picture was most likely taken in the autumn. The clothes the girl is wearing also look very odd for where and when the photograph was taken.


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