Surreal Portrait Photography

Manipulation/Layering /Filtering

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The first image is a picture of girl which is mad surreal by layering two images of the same person on top of one and other. The girls darker parts of her face also stand out over everything else like her lips, eyes, eyebrows and also the shadow created on the right side of her face. The left side of the image also stands out more than the right because of the light which is positioned on the left. The girls face in the image looks almost worried and scared because the way in which her eyes are staring looks as if she is in deep thought.

The second image is of a women looking towards the right of her in the image with her hand touching her lips creating a shape from where she places her hand. Her thoughts also show her thinking of something in depth because of how her eyes are staring distantly. This image is also created by layering images upon each other by therefore creating a perfect combination.

Combinations of Techniques

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The first image is of a young girl standing on the tip of her toes looking like she is pretending to fly with her arms wide open, this would therefore link to the birds coming from her hair in the background. The clothes she is wearing also looks like she was ready for bed, meaning having weird dreams which is what surreal could be. I also picked to look at this image because it looks like the photographer is combining an old black and white photograph with a print of birds.

The second image in my opinion is similar to the first image as it has the same kind of meaning of ‘dreams’ with the birds flying as well in the picture. The woman is also combined with a building and what looks like a shape of an opened book which replaces her head, this could represent a story in her head or a book full of dreams. Surreal also fits in perfectly with dreams as it means seeing things that aren’t exactly real.

Innovative Techniques

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The first image is a blend of a persons face on the bottom part of the image and a landscape at the top part of the picture. This image shows an innovative technique as gives a modern twist on landscape photography and portraits. The mountains also replace the top of her head to look as like the mountains are part of her thoughts. I like this image because of the different lighting tones displayed in the image from the mountains and around her chin and neck.

The second image is a photograph of a woman standing up with her body looking like it has been splatter and dissolved, however leaving her face and her shoes standing out the most. I think this image also represents an innovative technique as it combines artistic effects in portraits which shows a modern impression. The image also looks like part of someone’s art work as it reminds me of paint being flicked onto the page.



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