Black & White

Here I have experimented with producing my own black and white photographs. I noticed that turning a photo into to black and white shows the lighter and darker tones in the photograph which therefore contrast with one and other. The images below show different ways of exploring with different types of light. The first 3 images were taken in a studio with studio lighting, I had decided to use a black background so that the models faces stand out more along with the clothes they are wearing because of the contrast between the darker and lighter tones. In the second image I added more filter to the image by using grain to create a vintage effect, the models also make the photograph look persesive and freaky because of there straight faces with no emotions. The last 3 photographs were taken outside of the studio using natural lights, the first image gives an intention of being sneaky and suspicious with her head being central in the photograph, the second image is a picture that shows a child that’s happy and smiling which shoes the true meaning of childhood and being a toddler, the last image is a full portrait of the model with the tree casting a shadow over the person so that the natural light in the background is seen and this is what helps us see her more easier.

IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1907 IMG_3840violet IMG_3832



The first three images were taken using a studio set up, I also used flower props in my photograph to add a summer/spring theme feel to the image and to also match with the same colour thats in the background. The first and third image are very similar as the camera was taken at the same angle for both of the images and the model was in the same position for both of the pictures. The second image uses flowers to almost hide the subject just frame her face in the centre, the colours of the flowers also stand out the most because of the white background which contrast with them. The last image was taken outside the studio but still indoors using natural light through a window to shine onto the side of the girls face. I also added grain to the image to make the picture look older along with highering the contrast of the colours in the picture particularly on the dress to make them colours stand out more.

IMG_5303 IMG_5289 IMG_5311 IMG_9607



All of these images shown below are very similar as they are all taken in studio and all use the techniques of layering and blending picture together to form an unusual surreal effect. For the first image I had duplicated the same image 3 times of my model faces to the side of the image, because I have blended them together the picture also confuses the viewer as its hard to see what is connected with what? The second image I have taken a mid shot of my model with her head facing the camera and another picture with her head turned to the side, I then blended the two faces together to make a surreal effect in the image with a confusion with how many faces there actually is in the image. The third and last image use the same technique but the model is placed in different positions, the first one is a full length shot and the other is a wide shot accept she’s facing the side, I then had taken a picture of a bush and a stack of books to layer on top of the image to make the photograph more interesting.

IMG_8372 IMG_8385 zo zo2



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