My Final Images

Below are my final photographs which all have a venetian blind effect across the face to show light and darker elements that create more contrast in my images. I liked this idea to make this particular style of photographs because the light creates line which runs across the face and also helps create a main vocal point in the image for people to look at. I also did a mix of colour photography and black and images to give more of a variety of different mediums. I thought the black and white images worked well because there was more contrast between the light and darker tones whereas the light in the colour photographs really brought out the colours of the facial features such as the eyes, lips and the hair. The first image and second image are great example of showing the colours which stand out across the eyes and lips best, bringing out the blue in the eyes and the pink in the lips. In some of the photographs I also used my models hands to create more shapes in the photographs to create a better composition.

To achieve my photographs I had taken my pictures using studio with a black background so that the light showed up better in my pictures. To make the venetian blind effect I used a wooden frame and cut out strips of cardboard to go down the wooden frame leaving gaps in-between to create the lines for my images. I then held the frame in front of the light so that the light shines through the gaps on to my models face creating the venetian blind effect. In the editing process I brightness and contrast on all my images to enhance the light and darker tones, I also altered the lighting on my colour images to make the picture look like it has a foggy effect. I also sharpened up all my images especially round the eye area because that was where my main vocal point was in the image.

zo2 zoe3 zo4 zo5 zo6 zo7




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